About Us

Hayden Savoy Lifestyle Living are all about the details....
We are about the details in life and it all adds up to being fashionable...
Design, Decor & Organization 

The Trendsetters

Tamika Hayden
Yolanda Savoy

Tamika and Yolanda have been successful pursing careers in the science field.  Tamika has a B.S. in Engineering from North Carolina State University.  Yolana has a M.S.A. in Health Science Administration from Central Michighan University.

Yolanda Savoy and Tamika Hayden have been best friends for over 20 years since the first day Yolanda asked about Tamika's school girl cardigan.  They have shared the love of fashion and fashion disasters.  As they have grown and become successful in their respective careers they have been all fashion, decor and design along the way.  Now they have decided to share it with the world.

HaydenSavoy Lifestyle Living is a sister company of Savoy The Socialite.  There is a need of organization, decor and design not just in weddings and fabulous events but the journey after.  This is a concept we realized in our own personal life.  With juggling careers, relationships and being a 21st century socialite; we recognize their is a need for living your life with order and style.

   Live it with HaydenSavoy Lifestyle Living...