Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Refresh, Renew & Recharge: "Declutter Your Life"

After watching way too many episodes of Hoarder's I feel slightly justified in my borderline OCD habit of organizing, purging and decluttering. But what really got me going is seeing the first blooms of spring on the trees outside of my office window today. Spring is coming! Spring signifies Renew, Refresh and Recharge. And what better way to do that than to de-clutter your life?

The March 2012 edition of O Magazine is focused on this very thing - 'De-Cluttering Your Life!' One of the articles by Meredith Bryan talks to Peter Walsh who is a Master Organizer and he highlights 5 different types of clutterers. Be honest, what type of clutterer are you? Or are you a combination of a few?
Bargain Shopper/Coupon Clutterer - Why Are You Preparing For a Nuclear Fallout?

sentimental pictures. Other. Other
Sentimental Clutter/ Family Historian - No Need to Explain, All Our Mothers!
book stack. Other. Other
Knowledge Clutterer - Books, Magazines, Oh My!

wires. Other. Other
Techie Clutterer - This Is  A Relatively New One, But A Big Problem Especially for Men

closet doors packed. Other. Other
Behind The Closed Doors Clutterer - Personal Favorite! We All Have Been Guilty of This At Some Time
 O Magazine "What Kind of Clutterer Are You?

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