Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall In Love With Your Home Again...#2

I must confess I'm an indoor kind of girl...I enjoy doing home improvement projects more inside of the house than out...Don't get me wrong, I watch Curb Appeal and all those other exterior focused HGTV shows but I prefer to hire someone to do the work than myself.

However in my ode to all things fall...I so enjoy putting out a great fall wreath, pumpkins and mums in all the great fall colors. In doing that I took a look at my deck and cringed!!! It was not pretty. Take a look....I know, I know this is not pretty...


Recently having hired a handyman, we collaborated on the best way to proceed. There is a lot more to this than just the right color. You essentially have 3 basic options depending on how much coverage you want: 1) a light clear stain, 2) transparent with a hint of color, 3) semi-transparent and 4) full coverage - essentially paint.

I chose a semi-transparent because I still wanted the natural wood grain to show through but still see the great color. I chose a reddish -brown stain to match my fall mood! Also, with just a bit of sealant in the stain it wouldn't end up looking like the BEFORE picture too soon. Easy project to spruce up your exterior decor...Check out Lowe's they have tons of options..


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